Lite Pro (available 2016)
1 Month Trial
One year subscription
Two year subscription
Lifetime subscription
32 Point repair checklist with instant cost per square foot estimates
Variable pricing based on mid-range VS high-end design levels
New addition estimator
Porch and deck estimates by square foot
Fence estimates by linear foot
Over ride any line item estimate
Create multiple scenarios representing bids or actuals, etc
28 Point risk assessment checklist including termites, lead, mold, encumbrances, etc
Profitability calculator informed by estimated hold time, transaction costs and lending costs
Permanently store and manage properties from prospect phase to inventory and/or sale
Comprehensive reports that are printer friendly
Email functionality for sharing reports
SMS text functionality for sharing reports
Collaboration mechanism enables estimates to receive input from multiple users
Draw Schedule to track progress and coordinate with your lender
Upload photographs for any line item or risk factor
Detailed inputs for roof pitch, foundation type, bedroom and bath counts, etc
Deep dive estimation widgets for specific line items, such as linear feet of drywall replacement
Online security
Payment processing secured by Paypal
Worksheet data stored in Amazon cloud
Future plans
Companion mobile app - which will interact with the same data in the cloud